O365 SPO: Angular JS based APPS – Business Card development


Seamless Business Card development based on the available metadata of SharePoint User Profile on O365.



Based on the above requirement there are various way to implement the same. Based on my past experience and availability of light weight technologies, I have opted Angular JS based solution, Principal Architecture of the same is as depicted below,


A, B and C: Reperesents deployment of the Azure AD Connect tool (DirSync) on a virtual machine in Azure to synchronize accounts between your on-premises directory and your Azure AD tenant with Office 365

D: Reperesents Azure (the DirSync server) synchronizing on-premises AD DS to Office 365

E: O365 tenant available with you

F: User Profile metadata for a specific user

G: Depicts the view – HTML – It binds the data provided by the H and I

H and I: Model and Controller for Angular JS – consists of the all functions and https REST API call implmentation – This is also responsible to load the data to the collection objects

J: Binding of data

K: Referencing the Model to connect with View and Controller – All files are deployed to Document Library

L: REST API – http GET call to fetch the item from user profile services of O365


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