Decision on Farm Topology for On Prem environment

There are various factors dependent on the Farm Topology decision, there is no standard formula on decision of Farm Topology.

We have already covered the topics relevant to Farm topology,

There are few factors to be considered while deciding on Farm topology,




Typically It would be used, user base is less than 100(Users<100).
This farm consists like WFE + APP server + DB all runs in single server

Single Server Farm

Two Server Farm

Typically It would be used, user base is 100 to 10,000(Users are 100 to 10000).
This farm consists of 1 web server that performs all application services.For high availability clustered or mirror database recommended.

Two Server Farm
Two-Tier Small Farm

Typically it would be used, user base is 10,000 to 20,000.

Two webservers, 1 webserver performing tasks of the of the application server and the databases server(Clustered or mirrored)


Three-Tier Small Farm

Three-tier small farm is much more similar to the two-tier small farm.

A dedicated app server would be added for the services.

To improve search service, search database would be moved to a dedicated database server.



Medium Farm

The general rule is planning is to have 10,000 users for a WFE server.

First Tier we can utilize two or more Web Servers.

Second Tier there are two servers dedicated to crawling contents and serving search queries and one or more servers for all other application services.

Third Tier there are dedicated servers for Search Databases and one or more servers can be used for all other SharePoint Databases.

The middle tier can be expanded to to handle the growth by adding more servers to cater the requirement of application services.
*optional servers are in gray color.

Large Farm

A Large Farm is similar to the Medium Farm. Additionally a Large Farm could consist of dedicated servers for Sandboxed code.



Hope this article helps.


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