O365 – SharePoint Online : Content Type Hub Configuration and publishing to site collections

Every SharePoint Online tenant has a content type hub pre-built! It exists at


Let us understand the terminologies and steps to configure the Content Type Hub to SharePoint Online,

Content Type

A content type is a collection of SharePoint site Columns (metadata fields). We can use the Single content type (reuse) for multiple lists and libraries and also we can add the workflows to the content types.

Content type Hub

Content Type Hub is a central location where you can manage and publish your content types. Once you publish the content type we can use those content types across the site collections. This is one of the best OOB feature in SharePoint.

In SharePoint Online by default ContentTypeHub is available. No need to do any configurations for Content type syndication Hub

Follow the below listed steps to create the publishing Content type.

Step 1: Go to site Setting and click on the “Content type publishing” from Site Collection Administration section,

Content type Publishing

Step 2: Then you will be navigate to “Content Type Publishing Hubs” page, on that page you can click on the content type hub URL as in the following,

Content Type Publishing Hubs

Step 3: On the “Content Type Hub” site you can create a new content type. To create new content type click on “Create”,
Content Type Hub

Step 4: Then provide the name for “New Site Content Type” and click “OK” to create a new CT.
New Site Content Type

Step 5: Next click on the content type which you have created.


Step 6: In the Site Content Type page click the “Manage publishing for this content type” to publish the custom content type,

Manage Publishing for this Content Type

Step 7: Then choose the “Publish” radio button to publish and click OK,

Publish: Make this content type available for download for all Web Applications (and Site Collections) consuming content types from this location.

Finally custom content type will be published but it will take time to come for different site collections.

Once we published the “Content Type” we can also republish the content type if we have the changes on that content type. Follow the below steps to Republish the CT.

Step 8: Click on the content type after making the changes and then choose the “Republish” and click “OK” for the changes.

Republish: If you have made changes to this content type, the content type needs to be “republished” before the changes are available for download to Web Application consuming content types from this.

Get updates for published content types from a subscriber site:

Follow the below listed steps to get the updates from Published content Types,

Step 1: Go to the “Site Settings” page,

Site Settings

Step 2: Under “Site Collection Administration”, click Content type publishing.

Site Collection Administration

Step 3: In the Refresh All Published Content Types section, choose “Refresh all published content types on next update” as shown below and click “OK”.

Refresh all published content types on next update


Hope this article is useful.

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