Configuration the clone of instance of VMWare image of SharePoint 2010

For Configuration of the clone of instance of VMWare image of SharePoint 2010 Server below steps to be followed,

1. Write down your DB server name db name.
2. Run the configuration wizard, it will ask you for the central admin post no. Put the same port no which is there in the test environment.

In case of error If it gives an error and the wizard is not completed then run the “cliconfg” command and remove the DB instance and reconnect DB and then follow the below steps,

  1. Execute configuration wizard of SharePoint
  2. While executing configuration wizard. First disconnect from current configuration database
  3. On completion of the configuration wizard. It will open Central Administration page,
  4. Select option for database configuration
  5. Give the proper Database details of the new SQL server and config database
  6. Enter proper service account details
  7. Configure Search details and start Full crawl (if required)
  8. Change IIS settings like IP address and same into SharePoint configuration wizard.
  9. Then you need to go to IIS to change the IP for your site.
  10. Then change the IP in the host file.

Note : Restart IIS as and when required.

Hope on application of above steps SharePoint site should be up and running.


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