SharePoint 2013 Troubleshooting: Document Library documents with duplicate document ID


In a document library there are same document id for two documents. There should be unique Document Id for a document. But duplicate Id’s are generating for different documents as below example,

e.g. There is Sales File, Accounts File with same document id: Doc-10-100
If you click on ‘Sales File’ –> Sales File.docx file is opening.
If you click on ‘Sales File’  Doc id: ‘Doc-10-100’ –>opening ‘Account File.docx’. Actually it should open ‘Sales File’.


Getting duplicate document id was a product issue after moving document (using manage content and structure) to different library. After move operation, document gets attached with  Persist ID attribute which is root cause of the issue.

This has been resolved in August 2015 CU – Click here to download .

But for existing duplicate document D’s required to be take care by some cleanup process.


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