Register for Machine Learning& Data Sciences Conference, 8-9 Aug, Bangalore

The Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Sciences Conference is the place to
discover how powerful machine learning technologies are helping build an
intelligent world.

Click here to Register

Please join us along with 500 handpicked students, professors, developers, IT managers, CIOs, decision-makers and
entrepreneurs from the academia, industry and the government to connect, learn, build and discuss the future of
technology enabled by Machine Learning. The lineup includes keynotes, tech talks, tutorials, industry-academia
connect activities, demos from enterprises, startups and unicorns, and a Machine Learning based hackathon.

Participation in the event is limited and by invitation only. If you are interested, please pre-register at the earliest.


  • Microsoft R Server & Applications
  • Building your end to end intelligent solution with Cortana Intelligence Suite
  • Extreme Classification: A New Paradigm for Tagging, Ranking & Recommendation
  • Text Mining using Azure ML
  • Leveraging Deep Learning for Applications
  • Moving Big Data Workloads to the Cloud
  • Scalable Data and Science using Azure Data Lake with U-SQL
  • Building Your Intelligent Applications in SQL Server R Services
  • Using the Microsoft Recommendations API
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Mining using Cortana Intelligence Suite

If you are interested, please pre-register here.


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