SharePoint 2016 : FIM replaced with MIM

What is Microsoft Identity Manager?

Previous versions of SharePoint had a built-in copy of Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) that ran inside the SharePoint Server product. That version of FIM powered the User Profile Synchronization for products like SharePoint Server 2010, and 2013. But in SharePoint Server 2016, FIM has been removed in favor of Microsoft Identity Manager, which is the successor to the FIM technology. MIM is a separate server technology (not built-in to SharePoint Server). That means, if you have MIM running in your company, more than one SharePoint Sever 2016 farm can rely upon it. It’s also important to note, here, that Active Directory Import (sometimes called Active Directory Direct Import) is also included with SharePoint Server 2016, and is a User Profile Synchronization alternative that will not need a separate server installation. This means that SharePoint Server 2016 offers two options for User Profile Sync.


  1. Flexibility allows for customized import
  2. Can be customized for bidirectional flow
  3. Imports user profile photos automatically
  4. Supports non-Active Directory LDAP sources
  5. Multi-forest scenarios are supported


  1. A separate MIM server is recommended for use with your SharePoint Server farm
  2. The more customized the more complex the architecture, deployment, and management

Installation and Configuration

SharePoint 2016 Step By Step Installation of Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)


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