Calculated Column in O365 SharePoint Online with Example

There is no difference in calculated column formula in SharePoint Online from earlier versions of SharePoint. Let us see an detailed example in this article.

Functional Requirement

I have a column called “Activities” that is a choice column and has the following options:

  • Bylaw Development – Working Papers
  • Compliance Monitoring – Permitted Activities

I need to have 2 calculated columns to get split the ‘Activities’ choice – one for Activity and one for Subactivity.  For ‘Activity’, I need to get everything to the left of the ” – ” and for ‘Subactivity”, I need to get everything to the right of the ” – “.

For example:  For Bylaw Development – Working Papers, the activity should be ‘Bylaw Development’ and the subactivity should be ‘Working Papers’.


Step 1 : Create two columns “Activity” and “Subactivity” as a Single line text

Step 2: Create column “Activities” as below,

Step 3: Enter the items as below,

Step 4: All item view should display as below,

Hope this article help. This article is applicable to other version of SharePoint too.


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