Step by Step use of PortalSiteMapProvider for cross site and cross list in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

The PortalSiteMapProvider is a class which can used to generate the navigation on SharePoint Publishing sites. The Global navigation, the Quick Launch and the Breadcrumb navigation can all be generated with help of the PortalSiteMapProvider. It also provides methods to query sub sites, lists and list items with help of caching.

The main advantage of the PortalSiteMapProvider is that it queries the SharePoint change log to check whether any changes have happened to the data being queried. If yes, then only the incremental changes are fetched and thus the cache is updated accordingly.

However, my tests showed that the PortalSiteMapProvider.GetCachedSiteDataQuery method which is used to get items from multiple sub sites does not maintain an incremental cache and it only fetches the new or updated items when the object cache has expired.

So essentially when querying for items from multiple sites, the CrossListQueryInfo and the PortalSiteMapProvider behave almost similarly.

Here is the sample code for the PortalSiteMapProvider:

SPSiteDataQuery query = new SPSiteDataQuery();
query.ViewFields = “<FieldRef Name=\”Title\” /><FieldRef Name=\”DueDate\” />”;
query.Query = @”<Where>
<FieldRef Name=’AssignedTo’/>
<Value Type=’User’>” +
+ @”</Value>
<FieldRef Name=’Status’/>
<Value Type=’Choice’>Completed</Value>
query.Lists = “<Lists ServerTemplate=\”107\” MaxListLimit=\”0\”/>”; //Tasks Lists
query.Webs = “<Webs Scope=\”Recursive\” />”;
//query.RowLimit = 100;
PortalSiteMapProvider ps = PortalSiteMapProvider.CurrentNavSiteMapProviderNoEncode;
PortalWebSiteMapNode pNode = ps.FindSiteMapNode(curWeb.ServerRelativeUrl) as PortalWebSiteMapNode;
DataTable results = ps.GetCachedSiteDataQuery(pNode, query, SPContext.Current.Web);

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