jQuery REST API Service call to GET items

To fetch the data byb making RESTful API call use below code,

//Function to Make an Ajax call to Read all items from list or API
function loadData() {
var Employees = [];
url: “http://<Site URL>/api/<API Service Name>”,
type: “GET”
}).done(function (resp) {
$.each(resp, function (index, value) {
$(“#dvmsg”).html(‘Call Completed successfully…’);
}).error(function (err) {
$(“#dvmsg”).html(‘Call Failed…’ + err.status);

Load Table data

function loadTable(emps) {
$(“#tbldetails tbody”).html(”);
var tbody = “”;
$.each(emps, function (index, value) {
tbody += ‘<tr><td><input type=”checkbox” class=”c2″></td>’;
tbody += ‘<td>’ + value.EmpNo + ‘</td>’;
tbody += ‘<td>’ + value.EmpName + ‘</td>’;
tbody += ‘<td>’ + value.Salary + ‘</td>’;
tbody += ‘<td>’ + value.DeptName + ‘</td>’;
tbody += ‘<td>’ + value.Designation + ‘</td></tr>’;

$(“#tbldetails tbody”).append(tbody);




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