How can I access and contribute to Sharepoint site from Linux?

How to set up a mount point for MS SharePoint on Linux?

  1. You must download davfs2-1.0.2.tar.gz if mount.davfs does not exist on your system.
  2. Extract above file, and install with “./configure && make && make install”. This will require that the libneon library and headers exist on your system.
  3. Once davfs2 is installed, confirm that the coda kernel module is loaded on your system with “lsmod | grep coda”.
    1. If the module is not loaded, load it with “modprobe coda” and do one of the following to make it persistent:
      1. Debian: add a line to /etc/modules reading “coda”.
      2. Slackware: uncomment a line in /etc/rc.d/rc.modules reading “/sbin/modprobe coda”.
      3. Others: add modprobe to /etc/rc.local or use distribution-specific module loader mechanism.
    2. If the module is not loaded AND the above modprobe fails, recompile your kernel with built-in coda support or a coda module.
    3. If the module is already loaded, proceed to the next step.
  4. Create a directory to be used for sharepoint (I used /home/inittab/sharepoint)
  5. Add following line to /etc/fstab, adjusting for proper mount point: “ /home/inittab/sharepoint davfs rw,noauto,user 0 0”
  6. Make sure your user is in the “users” group of /etc/group or LDAP.
  7. Add a password line to /usr/local/etc/davfs2/secrets. It should look like this: “ schenzel myPaSSwoRd”
  8. Mount it: “mount /home/inittab/sharepoint”. An “ls -l /home/inittab/sharepoint” should show the contents, and you should be able to upload, download, and modify files on sharepoint.

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