Configuration Data Management in SharePoint 2010

Configuration Data Management in SharePoint 2010

Place Location Data Management Tools Backup Pros Cons Should you do this
Code GAC Visual Studio Server Easy Dirty HELL NO!
web.config File system Notepad and so on… Server Easy Multiple copies, hard to sync.Requires restarting app pool when changed. Not being backed up by SQL.

Manually edit the web.config file on all WFE’s.

Only for IIS based application, cannot use in Timer jobs and sandboxed application.

SharePoint List Content database SharePoint web UI Content dB Built-in UIEasy to manage Have to store location data somewhere else. Too easy to manipulate.Cannot store complex objects. Maybe
External Data Source External data source Custom Custom You have full control Have to store connection data somewhere else. Outside dependency. Maybe not
Property Bag Content database Custom application page, utility Content dB Backed up with content DB, on site and site collection levels.Not likely to be altered by accident, and it is easier to control access.

Scope is very granular per object.

No built-in UI.Have to create your own management tool. Yes
Hierarchical Object Store-(SPPersistedObjects ) Config database Custom application page, utility Config dB Backed up with config DB, on farm and web app levels.Can be used to store Complex objects.

Not likely to be altered by accident, and it is easier to control access.

Available globally across server farm.

No built-in UI, have to create your own management tool.Coding overhead. Yes

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